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Mining Museum Harrachov

If you visit the Harrachov Mountains and get a taste of some culture, entertainment and lessons, you can visit the Mining Museum's exposition, which includes the publicly accessible underground sightseeing gallery.

The Harrachov Mining Museum offers a unique opportunity to take a look at the history of ore extraction in Bohemia, which has been connected to Harrachov since 1760. Guests of our accommodation can see the mineralogical collection, a number of documents, instruments, objects, tools, mine maps and other Materials to mining work. Part of the exposition is also a 1000m long underground tour. Here we can see preserved machines from the last century and functional parts of the gallery. In addition to a complete mining machine, we will see mining cars, mine loaders, accumulators, locomotives, and others. Sightseeing takes about an hour, passes through helmets and protective jackets. The sightseeing route runs through a typical mine mine environment, illuminated and scattered with gravel. As the museum is heated, the temperature is constant over the year 10-12 degrees.

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  • Wellness package at Hotel Centrum in Harrachov
    Wellness package at Hotel Centrum in Harrachov

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    Easter in the mountains in Harrachov

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