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Novosad Glassworks in Harrachov

The glass museum, the microbrewery with a restaurant and the hotel with a beer spa, all you can do during one visit to the Novosad Glassworks. The glassworks was founded in the early 18th century and ranks among the oldest in the Czech Republic. Its uniqueness is the historic glass cutter, powered by transmissions and a water turbine.

The glassworks of Novosad and son are private, the second oldest glassworks in Bohemia. It was founded before 1712 in the Jilemnic estate of Count Harrach. Everything is in almost original form and fully functional. The assortment of production includes luxury beverage glass, utility glass and crystal chandeliers. In 2002 there was a mini-brewery with a restaurant in the glassworks area. Here is a view of the metallurgical hall with ovens, so visitors of the restaurant can see the glassmaker right at work.

Glass Museum exhibits a collection of historical glass from Harrachov production. Unique is a 100-year-old glass grinder, which is powered by transmissions and a water turbine. The Glass Museum contains a historically and technologically integrated collection of historical glass produced by the Harrachov Glassworks. Here you can buy a videotape with footage of production in the glassworks. There is an exhibition of the history of the glassworks and the traditional production of cut, painted and etched glass. The modern installation introduces the products of glass masters of the past and the present, you can find examples of almost all glass techniques.

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